Living with a comedian (1 year on)

What a year it’s been. From that debut performance, to his first ever paid gig, and then on to comedian of a cruise, en route to Amsterdam. I honestly couldn’t be prouder. It is such a brave and daunting career path, and the progress Dean has made has been incredible. I wanted to write aContinue reading “Living with a comedian (1 year on)”

The Personality Test

I recently took a personality test in work, and the results were creepily accurate. I’ll provide a link at the end if you fancy a look. The test results comprise of 16 different personality types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I was dubbed an ‘advocate’ which is actually the rarest personality type, accountingContinue reading “The Personality Test”

Top 5 vegan eats Liverpool

Where to begin? Vegan options in Liverpool have BOOMED this past year, making the standards very high. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to a top 5, choosing all different types of cuisine to give you a good variety. No. 1 – Frost Burgers!   I love this place so much. Finally, us vegans can nipContinue reading “Top 5 vegan eats Liverpool”

My favourite charity shop finds – dresses

Hello! This is a follow up post to my charity shop finds tops and bottoms I hope you all feel inspired to embark upon a charity shop treasure hunt and support your local charities! First up is my current favourite dress. This was actually found by mum for… wait for it… £1! It’s really heavy knit and weighsContinue reading “My favourite charity shop finds – dresses”