Top 5 vegan eats Liverpool

Where to begin? Vegan options in Liverpool have BOOMED this past year, making the standards very high. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to a top 5, choosing all different types of cuisine to give you a good variety.

No. 1 – Frost Burgers!


I love this place so much. Finally, us vegans can nip in somewhere for a quick take-out burger (and fries, nuggets, cookies, milkshakes, doughnuts). My personal favourite is the beef free meal deal with garlic mayo (a must get for garlic lovers). I never knew how well pickled gherkins went with burgers until my first Frost order. You will not be disappointed!


No.2 – Sanskruti

 I have visited this place more than any other. It has an Indian menu which is strictly vegan and vegetarian, and I am yet to try anything that isn’t glorious. They make the best samosa ever (really chunky and full of potato), and I usually order the spiciest thing on the menu, but there are many milder options, too. Also, I’ve never tasted a better mushroom than the mushroom starter.


No.3 – Pho


Pho is just delicious! The ingredients are fresh, the servings are huge, and you will leave feeling wholly satisfied. If you haven’t tried Vietnamese before, than strap in for a world of new and exciting flavours. And, it’s healthy!


No. 4 – Pie Minister


Sometimes, us vegans just want a good ol’ pie and chips, and now, thanks to Pie Ministers vegan options, we can choose from two pies, mash or chips, and two mouth-watering desserts. I recommend the chips, cheese and gravy. SO. GOOD.


No. 5 – Chaophraya

Thai is my absolute favourite food, and it’s hard to find a place outside of Thailand that does it right, but Chaophraya have hit the nail on the head. They’re a bit more expensive than the other places I’ve mentioned, and they don’t actually have a vegan menu anymore (silly move, guys) but there are a few things on the menu that can be prepared vegan for you, such as the veggie platter starter and the green curry. It. Is. (Tom)Yum.

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