Running away


This year Dean and I made the decision to leave our old lives behind and take off on the adventure of a lifetime.

As of August 2019, we will be quitting our jobs, flying to a new hemisphere, and making more time for ourselves and each other.

We are at that all-important stage in our lives. Our friends have started having babies and taken their first steps onto the property ladder. But instead of joining them, we’ve decided to run away.

Here’s why…

1. We don’t really want children 🤷‍♀️

I know, I know. There must be something deeply, psychological wrong with us. That is the only real reason human beings exist, after all – to breed, and to continue to exist. But we’re just not interested.

We realise life is fleeting, and that you have to do everything you want to do before it’s too late. So we’re going to do that instead. We’re going to put all our time and money and love into ourselves, and enjoy the gift of life. The world will keep on spinning without our offspring.

2. We spend money on things that matter.

So many people out there live outside of their means. To a hardcore saver like me, it’s difficult to watch. I’m not gunna lie, I like to treat myself occasionally, too, but it is rare, and long considered. This gives us the means to afford life altering adventures. To learn things that only experiences can teach you.

3. We don’t know where to live yet.

What’s the point in buying a home you can’t afford, when you’ve barely explored what the world has to offer? Deciding against children has given us a lot more freedom with our living situation. It takes the time limit away. It means we can build something small, affordable, self-sustainable, in as long a time as it takes, AND end up mortgage free.

So, for now, we’re happy to wait.

We’re happy to run away.

We’re happy to just be happy.

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