As I will be attending university next year, enrolled on a graphic design course, I have spent every spare minute preparing/practising in one way or another. Be it illustration, menu design or posters and signage for my current employer. I’ve even designed a couple of stickers and uploaded them to RED BUBBLE. It’s very excitingContinue reading “MY RED BUBBLE SHOP – AMYLEOWENS”

Read and Review my Book

So, I’ve recently uploaded my manuscript to Swoon Reads for a limited amount of time. Swoon Reads is a YA publisher that uses the public’s reviews as a way of gauging which stories are worth their salt. It’s an amazing way to get book readers involved in the whole selection process! Your opinion really mattersContinue reading “Read and Review my Book”

the Magic of Picking up Pennies

  It is a well-known—though often neglected—fact, that loose change found on the street can bring about luck. The extent of this luck can alter from situation to situation, depending on the coin’s worth, the individual’s appreciation of the gift, and of course, the seasons. Olivia, for example, who caught something glinting in a scatterContinue reading “the Magic of Picking up Pennies”

Reflections on writing

They say everyone has a book in them, but I’m not sure how true that is. Writing a book is a long, gruelling process. Your story needs plot, timing, originality, emotion, and a host of strong, diverse characters. Acquiring a literary agent can take over 100 personally adapted query letters. And even after signing with anContinue reading “Reflections on writing”

5 affordable vegan home-cooked meals

  Here’s a few meal ideas for any new or established vegans out there. It really doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Hope you enjoy!   1. Burgers and chips. Nice and easy. All you need is some burgers (Linda McCartney £2), buns (50p), potatoes and oil for homemade oven chips (£2), or frozenContinue reading “5 affordable vegan home-cooked meals”

Living with a comedian (1 year on)

What a year it’s been. From that debut performance, to his first ever paid gig, and then on to comedian of a cruise, en route to Amsterdam. I honestly couldn’t be prouder. It is such a brave and daunting career path, and the progress Dean has made has been incredible. I wanted to write aContinue reading “Living with a comedian (1 year on)”

The Personality Test

I recently took a personality test in work, and the results were creepily accurate. I’ll provide a link at the end if you fancy a look. The test results comprise of 16 different personality types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I was dubbed an ‘advocate’ which is actually the rarest personality type, accountingContinue reading “The Personality Test”

Top 5 vegan eats Liverpool

Where to begin? Vegan options in Liverpool have BOOMED this past year, making the standards very high. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to a top 5, choosing all different types of cuisine to give you a good variety. No. 1 – Frost Burgers!   I love this place so much. Finally, us vegans can nipContinue reading “Top 5 vegan eats Liverpool”